Salmon Lusk Wright, Jr., Sol's only son, was born in 1904. From a very young age he displayed a definite talent for craftsmanship. He made model ships, cars, furniture and wooden boxes among other things. One of Salmon's handcrafted wooden boxes once showed up on the antique roadside show. Salmon and his wife Francine were antique collectors in a time when antiques were not yet valued as they are today. Francine was a preservationist and her insight into the antique industry coupled with promotion through tourism started a whole new chapter in the family businesses. Good timing allowed both to collect quality antiques while at the same time using tourism as a vehicle for rice promotion. The depth and breath of their collection is truly awesome!! Salmon started Wright Laboratory in 1956 based on a rinse resistant rice coating process he helped pioneer. Salmon lived to be 84 years old and when he died he left the family business to his only heir, S. L.

"S. L."

Salmon Lusk Wright III , Salmon's only son, was born on February 7th, 1931. As the years went on he attended Louisiana State University where he received a masters degree in plant breeding. It was there he met his bride to be, Minnie Elaine Housington. Minnie Elaine wasn't a native of the south. She was born on January 6th, 1933 in Davenport, Iowa and moved to Los Angels, California at about 4 months old. She lived there for a short time before she was uprooted again and on her way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Minnie Elaine married S.L. on June 2, 1954 with a year left to graduating in education from Louisiana State University and before being swept off to Germany for S.L.'s tour of duty in the United States Army. After returning home in 1957 S.L. joined his father in the family business. By 1972, he incorporated Wright Enrichment to expand on Wright Laboratories' processes and build it into a diverse vitamin enrichment business. Focus would later shift away from only enriching rice to dry vitamin blending for applications to a wide range of other products. Salmon Lusk Wright III lived to be 76. He passed away on February 18, 2007 due to cancer. We miss him..