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​  A rice farm since 1890, Crawfish was added to the crop rotation in 1995. Rice and crawfish now intermingle in harmony to produce a unique crop rotation like no other in the world. The agri-tour walks you through a full season of how these two crops fit together.
The Bluerose Museum Tour

An Acadian/Creole Cottage built in 1848 by Olivier Blanchett III has become known as "The Bluerose Museum". The cottage was purchased by the Wright family in 1964 from Mr. George Scranton and moved approximately 50 miles from Youngsville, Louisiana. It was then restored and in 1965 opened to the public in honor of Sol Wright for his contribution to the rice industry
Salmon's Classic Car Gargage
What seperates the men from the boys is their toys. While Francine collected the antiques, Salmon moved up from making model boats and cars to collecting and building the big ones. There was never a shortage of projects around Salmon. Some of the cars in the garage were family cars, while other were collected.
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